Facial Rig – Demoreel

Here is a quick demoreel of my facial rig in action.


Render Test v001

This is my initial render test. It’s still very much a work in progress (mainly with the eyebrows!) ┬ábut it’s coming along nicely.


Project Update – 26

Here is a quick screenshot showing an in progress┬álist of mouth controls, combining both standard visemes and some shapes that were inspired by the techniques shown in “Body Language” by Eric Allen and Kelly L. Murdock.rig34

Facial Rig Update v003

Project Update – 25

A quick update showing my ever increasing list of corrective shapes.rig33

Project Update – 24

I finally finished texturing my head in Mari and have now imported my textures into Maya.rig32

Project Update – 23

Here is a screenshot of my initial list of viseme shapes for the mouth. I am in the process of choosing the final shapes and narrowing down the list.rig31