Project Update – 22

I finally added neck and secondary controls to my rig, completing the performance rig.rig30


Extract Corrective Shape Tool

This is a script I have written in order to automate the extraction of a corrective shape from the sculpted blendshape.

Project Update – 21

Before I decided upon using Arnold as my primary renderer, I set up an initial rendering environment using mental ray. Using a “dual-sphere” set up my HDRI lighting environment in order to eliminate reflection artefacts. I also set up multiple render layers such as point position/normal passes for re-lighting in post amongst othersrig29

Project Update – 20

Alongside my rigging process, I went through a testing phase to see if creating eye brows using a dynamic hair system was a viable option within my time-frame. At the end of the testing period, I decided not to feature any hair systems for my final render as it would slow down my process, causing less iterations to be possible, resulting in a less polished outcome.rig28

Mirror Corrective Shape Tool

Here is another quick script that allows me to speed up my workflow by mirroring a corrective shape

Mirror SDK Tool

This is a tool I have written in Python which allows me to mirror Set Driven Keys (SDKs) over a specified axis.

Project Update – 19

Here is the final version of my user interface, I removed several controls in order to make it more intuitive and easy to use for animators.rig27